Attention: Consultants, Speakers, Coaches, Solopreneurs
and Small Business Owners With Heart and Soul:

YES, You Can...

Stand Out From the Crowd By Turning YOUR Brilliant Ideas Into PROFITABLE Information Products That Will Transform the Lives of More People Than You Ever Thought Possible...

Without Writing a Single Word!

Are you leaving money on the table?  Have you been avoiding developing lucrative revenue streams with information products because you hate to write or think you have no knack for it?

Are you throwing money away?  Are you losing a treasure chest of your insights and innovative ideas because you don't know how to keep track of -- much less actually make use -- of them?!

Are you living dangerously? Do you have a great process or way of working that produces fantastic results and makes clients raving fans but so far you haven't written it down and it only exists in YOUR HEAD??

Are you missing out on new sources of income? Do you have a knack for solving problems or creating results that you want to turn into a repeatable system that you KNOW will be a best-seller, but you just can't figure out where to begin?

Are you committing the cardinal business sin? Is the content on your web site, products and marketing materials bland, boring and interchangeable with most other folks in your field?

Most markets are chock full of interchangeable service providers and businesses
that all look alike to the average consumer.

You MUST differentiate yourself and stand above and ahead of the crowd
to attract YOUR TRIBE of raving fans.


Info Products Are an Essential Visibility Tool
in the Success Strategy of Every Savvy Entrepreneur

BUT...Many Info Products Fail Because They Lack THE Most Essential Ingredient:


YOUR Passion, YOUR Point of View - - YOUR Unique Voice

Let Me Help You Get A Jump Start on Capturing
Your Brilliant Ideas, Passion and Voice -

So You Can Turn Them into Profitable Info Products!

Kim Lednum


"Nancy Gerber is a brilliant coach!  She intuitively guides you through her unique interview process, and helps you identify any weak spots in your content.  She engages you to think about your message in a fresh, new way that is right on the money! Nancy's coaching style is the perfect mixture of warmth, wisdom and insight.  I highly recommend Nancy, her service is priceless!"

Kim Lednum
Certified Empowerment Coach and Mindset Expert

Over the years I've been privileged to collaborate with many of the TOP leaders and experts in internet and direct marketing...including such masters as the legendary copywriting guru Bill Glazer and the brilliant business coach Milana Leshinsky.

Milana even invited me to be the Content Development Coach for her COACHING BUSINESS MASTERY PROGRAM.

Milana Leshinsky

"Nancy Gerber is a master at extracting your unique story and expertise from your brain."

Milana Leshinsky


To Be Truly Profitable and Durable, Successful Info Products MUST:

Capture YOUR Brilliance,
Organize Your Ideas so they Flow Logically,
Deliver Information that's Clear and Easily Understood,
Offer Simple Steps that YOUR IDEAL CLIENT can Actually Implement!


Joan Romeo

"I love listening to our call really captured the essence and passion around my inspires me to keep going. And, if I may toot my own horn, I think I sounded pretty darn good.

Thanks to's because you were able to bring this out in me in a very natural way. I really meant what I session with you was a highlight while in the Coaching Business Mastery program."

Joan Romeo

So here's the REALLY GOOD NEWS:
If you've been stalling, endlessly preparing, struggling or stressing
over creating your first (or second, or hundredth!) info product...

Sometimes all it takes to get you going is a little

Here's a fast-track process that will get you moving QUICKLY on creating YOUR info products

And You Won't Have To Write A Word - I PROMISE!


The Product Development Coach
Jump Start Package

This program will put you on the FAST TRACK to getting those great ideas out of your head and into the waiting hands of your customers!

Here's what you'll get, all for an unbelievably reasonable investment:

  • My Exclusive Product Development Questionnaire to effectively dig into the content GOLD MINE in YOUR knowledge base and experience

  • A 30 Minute Interview Prep and Strategy Session to determine your goals and marketing strategy, then set you up powerfully for our Content Generation Interview - so all of your expertise and passion for your subject are top of mind. You will be thoroughly prepared to showcase yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Your 30 Minute Content Generation Interview, in which I will skilfully draw out of you the EXACT content you most want to present, and in your unique voice - so a little fine-tuning is all it will take for you to have your finished product!

  • A Complete 15-20 page High-Quality Transcript of your Interview in Word format, prepared by The Admin Source - the preferred service provider to many of the most prestigious internet marketers in the industry

  • An MP3 Digital Recording of Your Interview

  • A BONUS 30-minute PRIVATE Coaching Session to thoroughly review your transcript, and show you how to RE-PURPOSE YOUR CONTENT INTO MULTIPLE FORMATS AND PRODUCTS based on your business goals and marketing strategy

And You Get All Of The Above For ONLY $297!

Ready to order right now? Great!

Click here.

SOOOO....What burning idea do YOU have for a product you can't wait to create?

You'll be amazed what you can accomplish with this powerful JUMP START coaching package!

During our three 30 minute private JumpStart strategy sessions, we'll focus the spotlight
on YOUR passion and expertise.  We'll show you how to put your unique content to work for you immediately to start attracting more of your ideal customers.

You'll come away with priceless marketing tools and knowledge that will serve you well, and contribute to your ongoing business success, for years to come!


1) You Could ... BRAINSTORM Multiple Topics for:


2) OR You Could ... DEVELOP In-Depth Material for a new Course, Program or Product

3) OR You Could ... CRAFT Your Attention-Grabbing


4) OR You Could ... CREATE a Complete Audio Interview Program that powerfully represents you and your work (with MULTIPLE marketing uses, both on- and off-line!)

...and as a BONUS...


Whichever topic you choose to focus on, you will be FULLY PREPARED to be interviewed on that topic as an expert in your field.

Imagine...being ready, relaxed and at the top of your game for any kind of discussion about your business!

...and it's ONLY $297 for the complete package!!!


Why so reasonable?  Because...

I'M PASSIONATE about working with people to get their GREAT IDEAS

I LOVE helping them move forward, especially in ways they never thought they could.

And I REALLY LOVE celebrating their success with them as they achieve
RESULTS they've never experienced before.

I want that for YOU, too.



This Jump Start Program will get you going FAST ... and painlessly!

I'll make it fun and easy, I promise!


Hazel Nieves

"Working with Nancy Gerber was not what I expected!

It was BETTER than I expected!! Her approach and insight was absolutely on the money... She has this unique ability to bring out the "ah-has" in you and your entrepreneur voice. the same time as she helped me to know myself better so I could be a better coach, she helped me zero in on my USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and helped me have a clearer vision on how to best communicate using my personality in my products. Hands down...I would highly recommend Nancy!"

Hazel Nieves


So...Isn't it time you got started?




Yes, Nancy, I'm ready to take my info product out of my head and into the world (and quit procrastinating and stalling), so I can start changing my clients' lives (and all the lives they will touch) right NOW!

  • Thank you for sending me my personalized JUMP START Questionnaire so I can tell you where I am now, and about the info product I am passionate about creating with your guidance and support.

  • I can't wait to have my private 30 minute interview, where we will BRAINSTORM and DEVELOP my info product TOGETHER to get me into action FAST. I understand that I will receive an audio recording and 15-20+ page printed transcript of our call, so I can refer back to what you taught me at any time - including while creating my next three info products!  These will help keep me powerfully in action.

  • I understand the program also includes a BONUS Private, 1-on-1 30 minute Laser Coaching Session that will show me how to easily and effectively repurpose what I've created into other desirable, profitable products and services (yea!).

  • I understand that I'm purchasing "The Product Development Coach Jump Start Package" at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money-back guarantee. If the program does not live up to my expectations, you'll refund my purchase out of your own pocket.

Yes, Nancy, sign me up!

Order now via 100% secure online server or call (770) 982-1179.
After your order information is received you will immediately receive
an electronic receipt and an email confirmation of your order.


Not Sure? Have Questions? Send me an email.

NOTE:  If you have a special project you've been wanting to tackle,
that maybe feels too big to accomplish by yourself, or you just
don't known where to start, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss - - -

Together we can create a customized program
that will turn your intention into reality!


I look forward to working with you!

Productively Yours,



P.S.  Info Products can be the springboard to fulfilling the DREAMS that propelled you to start your business in the first place!

By creating high quality info products and getting them into the hands of lots of people, you give your ideas exponential power.  Just like viral marketing, the benefit spreads from one to many, and keeps on providing benefit far beyond the number of people you could speak to directly. 

Info Products are great and useful ideas put into tangible form. They have the power to change lives.  It goes way beyond the 1-on-1 coaching model, where you're limited to touching only the number of lives that you are able to schedule into the hours in a day/week/month/year/lifetime!

When you share your message through top quality info products, you'll have more of an impact than you could EVER imagine (just like the ripples from a pebble dropped in a pond).

Get started today - join our Product Development Jump Start Program right now!